History of Beer…

To in the article has a long history of beer and barley were made by using the Sumerians of Mesopotamia civilization has become the oldest. There is a theory in ancient Egypt, it has been confirmed traces of the documents from that era that came to pass, that the preparation of beer was introduced from Mesopotamia from the place of origin of wheat is West Asia. Although we do not know about the details of the beer production process of these Mesopotamia and Egypt will not remain in the clear, for recipes that have been restored have two hypotheses. He would soak soaked in water it burned kneaded with water, which was in powder dried malt, from the time you pan a kind of fermented alcohol and allowed to proceed saccharification enzyme of malt is one . Become brittle barley that are intact as milling wheat is hard, and then dried by the malt once, which improves digestion. I mean, beer is considered the one that was born is derived from the technique used to digest the barley malt loaf of good milling poor digestion is originally difficult. In Mesopotamia and Egypt were Mus-rich cereals, with this background beer beverage was very close to everyday food that is derived from the pan. Idea soaked with liquid bread firm only time since burn is common with bread soaked in broth which became the prototype of the soup of Europe, I can say the food on the genealogy common that the cooking of bread soaked. I was what the raw material wheat Enma was strained fermented by adding yeast and wheat combined with soft boiled barley and germinated (malt) is another recipe. It is said that there may be added the date for the purpose of added sugar and flavors in some cases both. It is believed that in BC Babylonian herbs may be added to a variety of beer, was also included pop therein.

On the other hand, the core technology of beer production of fermented alcohol sugar solution to saccharification of starch barley enzymes of malt, which was also transmitted to the Germanic peoples and Celts in the north, among them is the pan once the malt barley law without having to take the form of a brew to brew beer from, saccharification by soaking in hot water as the malt powder, fermented alcohol is made. These tribal beer northern Europe, tends to be done as a beverage brewing special occasions when Halle grain harvest festival is also so strong. Northern tribal customs drunk to quaff a beer brewed upon the festival, I had also become the seed of contempt and self-confessed Romans themselves civilized man, of the Greeks. Franks led by Germanic peoples are satisfied, beer is to be made to flourish throughout Europe, he went beer culture rooted in Europe. Now brewing beer for pilgrims and act in self-sufficiency, the monastery has played a significant role in the development of technology and spread Christianity. Adding Groot formulated with various herbs such as to stabilize the fermentation purposes in that I was to be done. Groot has been managed by the lords, had to be purchased from the lord brewers. Grout preparation of which was used in the Middle Ages for this purpose has not been transmitted to the present day. Around the 11th century, was used for the first time I hop director Hilde Gall Rupurehitoberugu disk of the German convent on behalf of the glute. Could effectively inhibit bacteria distinctive flavor and crisp, to hop around the 15th century has become the mainstream in the German brewing beer. Hop became increasingly become mainstream in other countries, in the 17th century by hop brewing is also common in the United Kingdom which was once banned the use.

Issued a decree pure beer to prevent the starvation caused by wheat is edible and distribution of beer coarse will be diverted to the raw materials of beer, 1516, IV, Wilhelm Duke of Bavaria in addition to malt only water and hop as a raw material I was ordered not to use. White beer made ​​with wheat so that it can not only brewery brewing some with permission, I will wait for growing rare. Ordinance are enforced throughout pure beer in 1906 by the establishment of the German Empire and then, have the effect of current even in Germany. In Munich, Bavaria, the production of lager beer aged in the caves of cold starts, also advance research in the 19th century of yeast, fermentation technology in the mid-15th century to establish top fermentation and bottom. Pilsner beer “Pilsner Urquell” first world is produced in Pilsen, Czech Republic, came to be called Pilsner in 1842. Golden Pilsner went rather spread explosively through the establishment of refrigeration technology dissemination and glassware.

Beginning with people’s fortune Kawamoto is attempted to manufacture beer in Japan, many brewery was born. It was the Meiji era became popular in earnest in the early Edo period, the Tokugawa shogunate staff we had been aware of its existence. Modern beer, owes a lot to the technique developed by Carlsberg of Denmark in the late 19th century. The company has established a canning jar and hygienic nail technology to develop a pure culture technique of brewer’s yeast, bacteria were eliminated thoroughly further. We have also decided to storage stability of beer will increase dramatically thereby so distributed to all over the country in the world as an industrial product that is stable supply large amounts of cheap, beer production is dominated by large companies. Until then, the person who had been drinking wine as wine everyday essential in the diet, by cheap beer that became popular, the position of the wine and beer were reversed. Motion to review the pre-industrial beer production as this reaction takes place in Europe and the United States, micro brewery to make beer are often established.


ビールの歴史は古く、メソポタミア文明のシュメール人により大麦を使い作られていたとされる資料が最古となっています。 古代エジプトにおいては、それより下った時代の資料からその痕跡が確かめられており、小麦の原産地が西アジアであることからメソポタミアからビールの製法が伝わったという説があります。 これらのメソポタミアやエジプトのビールの製法は明確には残っていないので詳しいことは分かっていませんが、復元された製法については2つ仮説があります。 一つは麦芽を乾燥させて粉末にしたものを、水で練って焼き、一種のパンにしてからこれを水に浸してふやかし、麦芽の酵素で糖化を進行させてアルコール発酵させたものでした。 大麦はそのままでは小麦のように製粉することは難しいですが、いったん麦芽にしてから乾燥させると砕けやすくなり、消化も良くなります。 つまり、ビールは元来製粉が難しくて消化のよくない大麦を消化のよい麦芽パンにする技術から派生して誕生したものと考えられています。 穀類を豊富に産したメソポタミアやエジプトでは、こうした背景を持つビールはパンから派生した食物に非常に近い日常飲料でした。 焼いてから時間のたった固いパンを液体でふやかすという発想はヨーロッパのスープの原型となっただし汁でふやかしたパンとも共通しており、ふやかしたパンの料理という共通系譜上の食物ともいえます。 もう一つの製法はエンマー小麦を原料に、発芽させた麦(麦芽)と煮て柔らかくした麦をあわせて酵母を添加して発酵させ漉したものでした。 どちらも場合によっては糖分や風味を添加する目的でナツメヤシを加えることもあったといわれています。 紀元前のバビロニアではビールにさまざまな薬草を加えることもあり、その中にはポップも含まれたと考えられています。

一方、麦芽の酵素によって大麦のデンプンを糖化させ糖液をアルコール発酵させるというビール製造の核心技術は、北方のケルト人やゲルマン人にも伝わりましたが、彼らの間では大麦麦芽をいったんパンにしてからビールを醸造するという形をとらずに、麦芽の粉末をそのまま湯に浸して糖化、アルコール発酵させる醸造法が行われました。 またこれらヨーロッパ北方種族のビールは、穀物の収穫祭に際してハレの行事の特別な飲料として醸造が行われる傾向が強かったそうです。 祝祭に際して醸造したビールを痛飲して泥酔する北方種族の習俗は、自らを文明人と自認するローマ人、ギリシア人の軽蔑の種にもなっていたのです。 しかしゲルマン人主導のフランク王国が成立すると、ヨーロッパ全土でビールは盛んに作られるようになり、ビール文化はヨーロッパに根付いていきました。 キリスト教が広まると修道院は自給と巡礼者にふるまうためのビールを醸造するようになり、技術の発展にも大きな役割を果たしました。 その中で発酵を安定させるなどの目的でさまざまなハーブ類を調合したグルートを添加することが行われるようになりました。 グルートは領主によって管理されており、醸造業者は領主から購入しなければなりませんでした。 このため中世に用いられたグルートの製法は現在に伝わっていません。 11世紀頃、ドイツのルプレヒトベルグ女子修道院のヒルデガルディス院長がグルートにかわってホップを初めて用いました。 ホップには独特のさわやかな風味と雑菌抑制効果があり、15世紀頃にはドイツのビール醸造で主流となりました。 他の国でも次第にホップが主流となり、かつては使用を禁止していたイギリスでも17世紀頃にはホップによる醸造が一般的となっていきました。

1516年、バイエルン公ヴィルヘルム4世は粗悪なビールの流通や食用である小麦がビールの原料に転用される事による飢餓を防ぐためビール純粋令を発令し、原料として麦芽以外にはホップと水しか使わないよう命じました。小麦を使った白ビールは許可を得た一部の醸造所しか醸造できないようになり、希少価値が高まりまっていきます。 その後ドイツ帝国の成立によりビール純粋令は1906年に全土に施行され、現在のドイツにおいても効力を持っています。 15世紀中頃にはバイエルン地方のミュンヘンで、低温の洞窟で熟成させるラガービールの製造が始まり、19世紀には酵母の研究も進み、上面発酵と下面発酵の技術が確立。 1842年にはチェコのプルゼニで世界最初のピルスナービール「ピルスナー・ウルケル」が製造され、ピルスナーと呼ばれるようになりました。 黄金色のピルスナーはガラス製品の普及と冷蔵技術の確立によって爆発的に広まっっていきました。

日本では川本幸民がビール製造を試みたのを皮切りに、多くの醸造所が誕生しました。 本格的に普及したのは明治時代でしたが、江戸時代初期には徳川幕府の幕僚達がその存在を認知していました。 現代のビールは、19世紀後半のデンマークのカールスバーグ社が開発した技術に多くを負っています。 同社はビール酵母の純粋培養技術を開発し、さらに雑菌を徹底的に排除した衛生的な缶詰め・ビン詰め技術を確立しました。 それによりビールの保存性は飛躍的に高まり、安価で大量に安定供給される工業製品として世界の津々浦々にまで流通するようになり、ビール生産が大企業に独占されることにもなりました。 それまではワインの方が食事に必須の日常の酒として飲まれていましたが、安価となったビールが普及することにより、ワインとビールの位置が逆転しました。 欧米では、この反動として工業化以前のビール生産を見直す動きが起こり、地ビールを作るマイクロブルワリーが多く設立されています。

Avoid These Resume Mistakes!

It is a mistake to think of your resume as a history of your past, as a personal statement or as some sort of self expression. Sure, most of the content of any resume is focused on your job history. But write from the intention to create interest, to persuade the employer to call you. If you write with that goal, your final product will be very different than if you write to inform or catalog your job history.

Most people write a resume because everyone knows that you have to have one to get a job. They write their resume grudgingly, to fulfill this obligation. Writing the resume is only slightly above filling out income tax forms in the hierarchy of worldly delights. If you realize that a great resume can be your ticket to getting exactly the job you want, you may be able to muster some genuine enthusiasm for creating a real masterpiece, rather than the feeble products most people turn out.

The good news is that, with a little extra effort, you can create a resume that makes you really stand out as a superior candidate for a job you are seeking. Not one resume in a hundred follows the principles that stir the interest of prospective employers. So, even if you face fierce competition, with a well written resume you should be invited to interview more often than many people more qualified than you.

Set aside at least three hours (that’s an average length of time to complete a resume if all goes smoothly). Before you start, print out the following set of notes and tape it to your computer, on the wall next to your desk, or someplace where you’ll see it throughout the process.

Resume Tips:

Your resume is about your future; NOT your past.

It is not a confessional. In other words, you don’t have to tell all. Stick to what’s relevant and marketable.

Don’t write a list of job descriptions. Write achievements!

Promote only skills you enjoy using. Never write about things you don’t want to repeat.

Be honest. You can be creative, but don’t lie.











Break Out Of The Teaching Rut And Teach English In Hong Kong

Speaking English is a major priority for the people of Hong Kong. The business world is always moving quickly, and global communication is vitally important. In order to compete effectively, Hong Kong emphasizes English education for everyone from childhood on up.

Combine those factors with the fact that there’s currently a shortage of native English speaking teachers in the country, and it seems Hong Kong might be the ideal location if you’re considering teaching abroad.


If you’ve chosen to teach English in Hong Kong, there are a few basic requirements that you absolutely must have. In some countries, you can get away with some form of college degree and not much else. Hong Kong, however, has high expectations for their foreign teachers.

First of all, in order to teach English in Hong Kong you must apply for an employment visa. The only exceptions to this rule are Australian and New Zealand citizens, who can technically teach in Hong Kong under the “Working Holiday Scheme.” All others must have a visa in hand. Getting a visa to teach in Hong Kong may be a bit of a struggle, because there is a great deal of paperwork involved, so you’ll want to start early. The Internet can be extremely helpful if you’re at this point. Check out Hong Kong’s government websites for more information.

Before you begin applying for jobs, it’s best to have TEFL certification under your belt. While not strictly a requirement, TEFL will open the doors to the best schools and give you a much wider range of job options- as well as a higher pay rate at the job you eventually take. TEFL certification is easy. Many colleges and learning centers offer a month-long certification program that teaches you how to handle yourself in a classroom setting. Aside from the job advantages, TEFL gives you confidence that can be invaluable, especially if you’ve never taught before.

Finding a Job

Hong Kong is one of several countries that have excellent online resources when it comes to finding jobs teaching English. Many positions are available through various online job boards which list the teaching positions by country, as well as through the Hong Kong government’s website. With a little searching, you should be able to find numerous jobs for which to apply. Ask your school or TEFL certification program for job hunting assistance.

Finding a Home

One of the main drawbacks when you choose to teach English in Hong Kong is the fact that it may be difficult to find affordable housing. In many countries, the school that hires you will supply you with free teacher’s housing; however, in Hong Kong this is not necessarily the case. Luckily, most teaching jobs in Hong Kong do include a “housing allowance” along with your regular paycheck, which is designed to help cover rent.

Again, there are many online resources available to help. Check out Hong Kong housing websites for an idea of price ranges and areas available to you. If you’ve been hired, your school should be able to point you in the right direction as well.

If you’ve decided to teach English in Hong Kong, you should prepare yourself for a challenging and completely new experience. The ability to spend large amounts of time away from your home country, as well as a sense of adventure and adaptability to new surroundings, will help make the experience a pleasurable and enlightening one.





まず第一に、香港で英語を教えるためには、雇用ビザを申請しなければなりません。この規則の唯一の例外は “ワーキングホリデー制度”技術的に下の香港で教えることができるオーストラリアおよびニュージーランドの市民であり、その他はすべて手にビザを持っている必要があります。ビザは香港で教えるようにするということは、関係する書類の多くがあるため、闘争のビットかもしれないので、早期に開始したいと思うでしょう。この時点でなら、インターネットは非常に役に立ちます。詳細については、香港の政府のウェブサイトをチェックアウトします。





あなたが香港で英語を教えるために選択する主な欠点の一つは、手頃な価格の住宅を見つけるのは難しいかもしれないという事実です。多くの国では、無料の教師の住宅を供給され雇う学校が、香港では必ずしもそうではありません。幸いにも、香港で最も教育の仕事は、カバー家賃を助けるように設計されて、通常の給料と一緒に、 “住宅手当”が含まれていない。



Bartending School Is Just The Beginning

While you may be thinking about attending bartending school, keep in mind that a bartending career is not all fun and games.

Bartenders work hard, and are often paid minimum wage. Working at a top club will, of course, up your take-home pay in the form of tips (sometimes as much as thousands per night), but you’ll have to do your time and gain experience at smaller clubs and bars first. Initially, you’ll also work the less crowded shifts.

Some bars and clubs even require new bartenders to work as barbacks first – this means you’ll be schlepping beer and liquor from the storage room to the bar, washing glasses and cleaning up. Not nearly as glamorous as you might have dreamed. As a barback, you’ll earn a portion of the bartender’s tips for the night.

The hours are often long, you’re on your feet the whole time and might have to deal with a lot of rude customers. Aside from that, once you’ve moved up in the ranks and have the popular, crowded shifts – those that you make the most money with – you’ll never have Friday or Saturday nights free. You’ll be working.

If you still are thinking about attending bartending school, make sure you pick a reputable organization. You can also attend bartending school online. Many bartending schools offer job placement assistance one you finish your courses – if you don’t have a job lined up already, you’ll want help finding one.

The best bartenders have an outgoing personality, are patient and tolerant of customers who may have had one too many and are able to multitask and work under pressure. Remember, you’ll be on a virtual stage once behind the bar, with a lot of eyes watching you!

Once you’ve completed bartending school and started your first job, know that you will make mistakes. It’s your ability to recover from them with grace and humor that will keep you going.



いくつかのバーやクラブも新しいバーテンダーが最初にbarbacksとして動作する必要があります – これは、貯蔵室からバーにビールやお酒をschlepping眼鏡を洗浄し、クリーンアップされるだろうことを意味します。あなたが夢見てきたかもしれないとほぼ同じ魅力的なわけではありません。barbackとして、夜はバーテンダーのヒントの一部を獲得できます。

時間はしばしば長いですが、あなたの足の上に全体の時間の過ごし方だと失礼な多くの顧客に対処する必要があります。それはさておき、一度はランクで上に移動し、人気、混雑したシフトがありました – あなたに最もお金を稼ぐというものを – あなたは、金曜日または土曜日の夜は無料の持っていることは決してないだろう。あなたが働くことでしょう。

あなたはまだバーテンダー学校に通うことを考えている場合、あなたは信頼できる組織を選択することを確認してください。また、バーテンダースクールをオンラインで出席することができます。多くのバーテンダーの学校は就職支援を提供し、あなたのコースを終える1 – あなたはすでに並んで仕事を持っていない場合は、1を検索したいでしょう。



Automotive Systems Technology

Bobby Ventura, a lanky 6’2” blonde-haired blue-eyed high school junior, is a self described home mechanic who enjoys tinkering with his screaming yellow ’97 Mustang at every opportunity he can get. Having an uncle who runs a garage helped him to land his first car several months before he obtained his driver’s license.

“I’m not much for studying, but auto shop has kept me focused. I plan on working for my uncle when I graduate from school and I’ll take night classes at Tech to get my AAS in Automotive Systems Technology. Cars have changed a lot over the years and my uncle wants someone who can not only turn a wrench, but be able to read a computer. Today’s cars have much more diagnostic stuff to figure out and that is what I am going to learn at Tech,” Bobby quipped.

Cars have changed and the market for new mechanics has changed as well. As older mechanics retire, they will need to be replaced by professionals who not only know cars from bumper to bumper but can also understand computer software. Installing a K&N cold air intake is still a necessary skill, but many repair shops now want students who can understand and fix global positioning systems, such as OnStar, which are found on many vehicles today.

Indeed, new cars such as the BMW 7 Series come equipped with fiber optic cables which connect the navigation system, cellular service, radio, and CD player. Hybrid cars, too, have introduced a whole new area of specialty and with the hopeful introduction of hydrogen powered vehicles in a decade or two another area of expertise will also open up.

Bobby’s guidance counselor, Ted Winslow, is pleased with his career choice. “Bobby identifies with fixing things and he is quite good at what he does. I can’t see him sitting behind some desk when I know that he is much more interested in working underneath the hood of a car, installing a cold air intake, replacing a radiator, or swapping out a heater core. Besides, if he does really well someone like BMW may hire and train him and their mechanics can make over 100K per year.”

If the student in your home is contemplating his or her career choices, exploring the automotive technology field is worth a look. A general shortage of highly skilled mechanics ensures that the brightest students will find work and be paid quite well. Bobby Ventura is starting his career off right by attending technical school where an AAS degree in Automotive Systems Technology is certain to point him in the right direction.

ボビー·ベンチュラ、ひょろっとした6’2 “ブロンドの髪青い目の高校の後輩は、彼が得ることができるあらゆる機会で彼の叫び黄色’97マスタングをいじって楽しんで自己記述さ​​れたホームメカニックです。ガレ​​ージを実行している叔父は彼が彼の運転免許証を取得する前に、彼は最初の車の数ヶ月を上陸させる助けた。

“私は勉強のための多くないんだけど、オートショップでは、私が焦点を当て続けている。私は学校を卒業し、私は·オートモーティブ·システムズ·テクノロジーで私のAASを取得するには工科大学で夜間授業を取るよときに私の叔父のために働くことを計画。車は年間で大きく変わっていると私の叔父は、レンチを回すが、コンピュータを読み取ることができることのできない人を望んでいる。今日の車が把握するために、はるかに診断ものを持っており、それは私が工科大学で学ぶつもりです “ボビーは当意即妙に答えた。


実際、このようなBMW 7シリーズのような新しい車は、ナビゲーションシステム、携帯電話サービス、ラジオ、CDプレーヤーを接続する光ファイバーケーブルが付いています。ハイブリッド車は、あまりにも、専門の全く新しい領域を導入し、10年か20年の水素自動車の希望に満ちた導入と専門知識の別の領域にも開きます。

ボビーのガイダンスカウンセラー、テッド·ウィンスローは、彼のキャリアの選択に満足しています。”ボビーは物事を固定して識別し、彼が何をするかでかなり良いです。私は彼に私は彼が車のボンネットの下で働くことにもっと興味を持っていることがわかっている場合、いくつかの机の後ろに座って冷たい空気の摂取をインストールし、ラジエーターを交換したり、ヒーターコアをスワップアウトが表示されません。彼は本当によくない場合に加えて、BMWのように誰かが雇うと訓練、彼とその仕組みを、年間10万以上することができる可能性があります。 ”