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Automotive Systems Technology

Bobby Ventura, a lanky 6’2” blonde-haired blue-eyed high school junior, is a self described home mechanic who enjoys tinkering with his screaming yellow ’97 Mustang at every opportunity he can get. Having an uncle who runs a garage helped him to land his first car several months before he obtained his driver’s license.

“I’m not much for studying, but auto shop has kept me focused. I plan on working for my uncle when I graduate from school and I’ll take night classes at Tech to get my AAS in Automotive Systems Technology. Cars have changed a lot over the years and my uncle wants someone who can not only turn a wrench, but be able to read a computer. Today’s cars have much more diagnostic stuff to figure out and that is what I am going to learn at Tech,” Bobby quipped.

Cars have changed and the market for new mechanics has changed as well. As older mechanics retire, they will need to be replaced by professionals who not only know cars from bumper to bumper but can also understand computer software. Installing a K&N cold air intake is still a necessary skill, but many repair shops now want students who can understand and fix global positioning systems, such as OnStar, which are found on many vehicles today.

Indeed, new cars such as the BMW 7 Series come equipped with fiber optic cables which connect the navigation system, cellular service, radio, and CD player. Hybrid cars, too, have introduced a whole new area of specialty and with the hopeful introduction of hydrogen powered vehicles in a decade or two another area of expertise will also open up.

Bobby’s guidance counselor, Ted Winslow, is pleased with his career choice. “Bobby identifies with fixing things and he is quite good at what he does. I can’t see him sitting behind some desk when I know that he is much more interested in working underneath the hood of a car, installing a cold air intake, replacing a radiator, or swapping out a heater core. Besides, if he does really well someone like BMW may hire and train him and their mechanics can make over 100K per year.”

If the student in your home is contemplating his or her career choices, exploring the automotive technology field is worth a look. A general shortage of highly skilled mechanics ensures that the brightest students will find work and be paid quite well. Bobby Ventura is starting his career off right by attending technical school where an AAS degree in Automotive Systems Technology is certain to point him in the right direction.

ボビー·ベンチュラ、ひょろっとした6’2 “ブロンドの髪青い目の高校の後輩は、彼が得ることができるあらゆる機会で彼の叫び黄色’97マスタングをいじって楽しんで自己記述さ​​れたホームメカニックです。ガレ​​ージを実行している叔父は彼が彼の運転免許証を取得する前に、彼は最初の車の数ヶ月を上陸させる助けた。

“私は勉強のための多くないんだけど、オートショップでは、私が焦点を当て続けている。私は学校を卒業し、私は·オートモーティブ·システムズ·テクノロジーで私のAASを取得するには工科大学で夜間授業を取るよときに私の叔父のために働くことを計画。車は年間で大きく変わっていると私の叔父は、レンチを回すが、コンピュータを読み取ることができることのできない人を望んでいる。今日の車が把握するために、はるかに診断ものを持っており、それは私が工科大学で学ぶつもりです “ボビーは当意即妙に答えた。


実際、このようなBMW 7シリーズのような新しい車は、ナビゲーションシステム、携帯電話サービス、ラジオ、CDプレーヤーを接続する光ファイバーケーブルが付いています。ハイブリッド車は、あまりにも、専門の全く新しい領域を導入し、10年か20年の水素自動車の希望に満ちた導入と専門知識の別の領域にも開きます。

ボビーのガイダンスカウンセラー、テッド·ウィンスローは、彼のキャリアの選択に満足しています。”ボビーは物事を固定して識別し、彼が何をするかでかなり良いです。私は彼に私は彼が車のボンネットの下で働くことにもっと興味を持っていることがわかっている場合、いくつかの机の後ろに座って冷たい空気の摂取をインストールし、ラジエーターを交換したり、ヒーターコアをスワップアウトが表示されません。彼は本当によくない場合に加えて、BMWのように誰かが雇うと訓練、彼とその仕組みを、年間10万以上することができる可能性があります。 ”


Career Building for Auto Mechanics

Auto mechanics entering the industry today face a wide range of challenges that supercede even the most technologically advanced fields, such as information technology and health care. Keeping pace with the constant myriad of changes that govern automobile mechanics lead many to consider other career options. For those who stay the course, however, there are ways to improve their skill sets and knowledge base while making themselves more marketable to employers.

The most common method for entering the auto repair field is not surprisingly also one of the best ways to stay current with new technology or concentrate on specializations within the industry.

Automotive technical schools around the country provide advanced training and employment assistance that leads to entry level positions at repair shops and dealerships. For the seasoned mechanic, however, they can also provide instruction on recent advances as well as training on specific automobile systems. Many graduates return on a semi-annual basis for shorter courses that serve as a refresher or to learn about manufacture specific advances. Even mechanics who started their careers through high school level vocational training or from working in family businesses often end up entering technical schools to increase their overall automotive understanding and employability.

Another method of career building for mechanics is to obtain National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certification. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (known in the industry as ASE) offers certifications that can truly benefit automotive technician professionals over the course of their careers. Regarded in the automotive industry as the general standard for mechanic competency and ability, ASE certifications can help mechanics find the best employment opportunities.

ASE examinations are offered twice a year. Mechanics can take one or a variety of certification tests for general automotive knowledge or specializations such as transmissions, fuel systems, electronics systems and more. Those who pass an ASE exam and have two-years of relevant hands-on work experience or one year of hands-on work experience and are graduates of an automotive technical school will become certified. Many employers will pay for their employees to take the exams or reimburse their employees once they become certified.






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